C Stand

C Stand

When building out a production studio that you hope to be versatile and as turnkey as possible for the people who will use it, there are countless decisions to make, including how to equip it.

The C Stand is one piece of equipment used in almost every REV Studio production. It is the equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife for production, capable of holding lights, cameras, booms, props, and more, making them the ultimate multitaskers. REV Studio provides eight as part of its studio usage package.

“In the fast-paced world of production, efficiency is key,” said Lynne Arciero, founder and CEO of REV Studio. “When we built out REV Studio in 2019, we wanted to help productions focus on their creative process and not have to worry about lugging in and out a lot of heavy equipment. With the size of our studio, eight seems to be the magic number.”

The term C Stand, or Century Stand, comes from the early days of lighting equipment and is named after the company that originally designed it for live theater and filmmaking: Century Lighting.

“We liked the idea of having all black C Stands for the aesthetic and to limit any reflection with lighting,” explained REV Studio’s manager, Mark Strube. “Since REV Studio has white floors, we upcycled discarded tennis balls from the La Jolla Tennis Club public courts down the street on the legs of each stand to prevent the feet from leaving marks on the floor. It also makes it easy to slide the stands around.”

Tennis balls La Jolla

Mastering the safe use of a C Stand involves proper technique and on-the-job training. Given that these stands elevate equipment high above or to the side, the stand’s base requires weighting, typically with sandbags. It is also important not to exceed the limit of the weight capacity of the stand. Each of REV Studio’s Avenger and Mathew’s C Stands have a load capacity of 22 lbs according to the manufacturer’s specs.

Strube explained, “We’ve seen all manner of ways that people use sandbags on the C Stand base. We recommend pointing the tallest stand leg in the direction of the equipment it is holding. From there, the sandbag should drape over the top of the tall leg, making sure the weight rests on the stand, not the ground.”

Incorrect and correct C Stands

REV Studio also provides several 25 lb sandbags as part of its studio usage package. Our team is happy to provide a safety check to see if the stands are secure.

After all, in the production world, C stands are the muscle to support the expensive, technical, and specialty equipment. Most importantly, keeping people safe on set is our highest priority.

The San Diego Media Pros, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of media professionals, recently gathered at REV Studio in La Jolla for a crucial meeting that brought together 20 professionals from various aspects of the industry. The event served as a platform to discuss strategies to boost local production and launch its #MadeInSanDiego campaign theme for 2024. 

Guy Langman, the City of San Diego Filming Program Manager, shared insights and plans to encourage location managers to consider the San Diego area as a viable filming alternative to Los Angeles. 

Guy Langman of San Diego Media Pros at REV Studio in La Jolla

Filming Opportunities for San Diego:

Langman emphasized the need for location managers to explore the diverse landscapes of San Diego for potential filming locations. The city aims to position itself as a friendly, hands-on, and cost-effective option for production crews. San Diego offers a unique advantage by allowing face time with park rangers and coordinated support from both city and county during location scouts. San Diego offers a myriad of different landscapes and backdrops, including beaches, mountains, deserts, historic buildings, and studios.

San Diego TV Production Outlook:

Langman highlighted the recent slowdown in TV production in Los Angeles due to a post-strike lull as creating an opportune moment for San Diego to attract more projects. While the long-term goal is to secure TV shows, the primary focus is on commercials, reality shows, and still photo shoots. San Diego is positioning itself as an ideal destination for such productions, leveraging its low-cost appeal and hands-on approach to film production.

San diego cityscape

Commercial Production is a Key Target:

The emphasis on commercial production stems from the flexibility it offers in terms of crew composition. Commercials, often nonunion projects, present an opportunity to engage local talent and stimulate the local economy. The goal for 2024 is to create an uptick in commercials being produced in San Diego, leading to more local hires and opportunities for media professionals in the region.

Developing a Local Crew List:

To facilitate easier collaboration and promote local talent, discussions revolved around developing a comprehensive crew list. The City of San Diego and the county are exploring partnerships with organizations like the San Diego Media Pros to create a centralized resource for production crews. The proposed crew list would connect producers with skilled professionals in various roles, ranging from sound engineers to camerapersons and scouting experts.

As San Diego positions itself as a welcoming and cost-effective hub for media production, the future looks promising for REV Studio, the #MadeInSanDiego campaign, and the talented professionals driving it forward. REV Studio is proud to have served as the think tank for this initial discussion.

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience in meaningful and festive ways. As a production studio like REV Studio, preparing and creating content for the holidays requires careful planning, creativity, and a touch of holiday spirit. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps, with insights from REV Studio, to ensure your holiday content shines bright.

gingerbread house

Step 1: Set the Scene
Before diving into content creation, take a moment to define your goals and target audience. REV Studio’s approach to setting the scene involves understanding the unique preferences of its clients and creating authentic holiday content that resonates with the target demographic.

Step 2: Plan Ahead
We know that planning is essential for holiday content success. At REV Studio, we create a content calendar for our clients that outlines key dates, themes, and deadlines. The calendar helps to allocate resources effectively and maintain a consistent posting schedule throughout the holiday season.

Step 3: Embrace the Theme
Incorporate holiday themes into your content to evoke the spirit of the season. Whether it’s Thanksgiving gratitude or New Year’s resolutions, infuse your messaging with holiday elements that resonate with your audience.

Step 4: Diversify Your Content
We advise utilizing a variety of multimedia with your created content, so make sure to mix up your formats with videos, blog posts, infographics, and social media posts. Consider creating behind-the-scenes content showcasing your team’s holiday preparations – it adds a personal touch and humanizes your brand, similar to REV Studio’s behind-the-scenes glimpses into our creative process.

Step 5: Unwrap Creativity
REV Studio understands that tapping into creativity makes holiday content stand out. Brainstorm unique angles, heartwarming stories, and innovative visual concepts that capture the essence of the holidays.

holiday card jingle bells positraction batman robin

Step 6: Sprinkle Joy with User-Generated Content
Invite your audience to participate by sharing their holiday stories and traditions or creating content related to your brand. User-generated content fosters community and engagement. At REV Studio, we are all about building meaningful connections.

Step 7: Plan for Accessibility and Inclusivity
It is important to ensure your content is inclusive and accessible to a wide range of audiences, respecting different cultures, religions, and backgrounds, just as they consider diverse perspectives in their projects.

Step 8: Reflect Your Brand
While holiday content can be playful, it should align with your brand’s identity and maintain consistency across our multimedia projects.

positraction holiday card elves nice list   positraction holiday card elves congratulations

Step 9: Optimize for Sharing
We understand the significance of crafting easily shareable content across social media platforms. Use catchy headlines, visually appealing graphics, and holiday-themed hashtags to encourage engagement and sharing.

Step 10: Spread the Cheer
As you launch your holiday content, engage with your audience’s reactions and comments. Respond promptly, encourage conversations, and build a genuine connection with your audience.

The holiday season offers a unique chance to foster a stronger bond between your brand and your audience, and REV Studio is here to help. By planning, getting creative, and embracing the holiday spirit, you can create memorable and heartwarming content that spreads joy and resonates with your audience well into the New Year.

Positraction 2019 new year card perfect vision for 2020     Positraction 2019 new year card perfect vision for 2020

2 glasses of water one sparkling and one still

In the world of visual storytelling, two contrasting elements play a pivotal role: motion and stillness. These two dynamics can captivate our imaginations, leaving lasting impressions that transcend time. 

At REV Studio, a premium photo and video studio based in La Jolla, California, we understand the essence of these elements. We offer a unique experience that allows you to sparkle on camera, be it video or still photography. 

Welcome to REV Studio, where your brilliance comes to life in motion and stands frozen in time.

The Dance of Sparkling Motion:

When it comes to capturing the magic of movement, REV Studio truly shines. Whether you’re a professional dancer, an aspiring actor, or a musician seeking to create captivating music videos, this dynamic studio provides an environment that brings your talents to life. Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and lighting, and a team of skilled professionals, REV Studio ensures that every dance step, every expression, and every note is captured in its full glory.

The studio’s expertise in video production goes beyond mere technicalities. We understand the importance of setting the right mood, creating the perfect lighting, and curating an atmosphere that complements your unique vision. 

With its extensive range of props, backdrops, and versatile sets, REV Studio provides a canvas upon which your creativity can soar. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to understand your objectives and execute them flawlessly.

The Serenity of Stillness:

While motion carries a distinct allure, there is unparalleled beauty in capturing a single moment suspended in time. 

REV Studio recognizes the subtleties of still photography. It offers an exceptional setup for those seeking to freeze memories, showcase products, or capture the essence of their vision in a single frame. From high-end fashion shoots to commercial product photography, the studio’s attention to detail and commitment to perfection shine through in every shot.

Creating a perfect still photograph requires meticulous planning, precise lighting, and an acute understanding of composition. REV Studio’s professional photographers are well-versed in the art of still photography, employing their technical expertise and artistic vision to craft images that leave a lasting impact. 

The All-Inclusive Experience:

At REV Studio, the dual offering of sparkling motion and stillness is not limited to the technical aspects of photography and videography alone. 

The studio also provides a seamless experience with top-notch amenities to ensure that every moment spent within its walls is comfortable, inspiring, and memorable. From spacious dressing rooms and makeup stations to friendly and accommodating staff, REV Studio aims to make your time on set an enjoyable one.

Moreover, our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the shoot itself. We offer comprehensive post-production services, including editing, retouching, and color grading. REV Studio strives to be your trusted partner, accompanying you on your creative journey from the initial concept to the polished finished product.

Whether you seek to sparkle on camera or embrace the serenity of stillness, REV Studio provides the perfect platform to showcase your brilliance. 

Make Up Artist Applying Make Up to Actress

When it comes to photo and video shoots, there are a few things that can make a big difference in the final product. One of the most important aspects is hair and makeup. The right styling can enhance your natural features and give you the confidence to shine in front of the camera.

At REV Studio, we understand the importance of hair and makeup. That’s why we have a dedicated station where our clients can get camera-ready before their shoot. Our experienced stylists will work with you to create a look that enhances your natural beauty and complements your outfit and the overall vibe of your shoot.

Having a hair and makeup station on site also helps our clients feel more comfortable in the space before going on camera. Many people feel nervous or self-conscious when they’re about to be photographed or filmed, and having a dedicated space to get ready can help ease those nerves. It also gives you a chance to chat with our team and ask any last-minute questions you might have about the shoot.

But hair and makeup aren’t just about making you feel good – it can also make a big difference in the final product. When you’re being photographed or filmed, small details like flyaway hairs or shiny skin can be magnified on camera. That’s why having a professional stylist on hand can help ensure that you look your best in every shot.

Of course, the level of hair and makeup you need will depend on the type of shoot you’re doing. At REV Studio, our team can help you find the perfect look for your shoot, whether you’re going for a natural, bohemian vibe or a bold, editorial feel. We’ll work with you to understand your vision and bring it to life on camera.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and book your next shoot.

Call Sheet laid out on top of Production Slate

Lights, camera, action! Are you ready for your next video shoot? Pre-production is key to ensuring your video project runs smoothly and produces the results you want.

With advanced video editing software, it may seem easy to say, “Let’s fix it in post production.” The reality is if your project is propery planned for and organized, you will ultimately get a much better product and save time and money.

Let’s dive into why pre-production is so important and how to prepare for your next video shoot.

Pre-production involves all the planning that happens before the actual filming takes place. This includes creating a concept, storyboarding, scripting, location scouting, casting, wardrobe, and props. When you invest the time in pre-production, you’ll save time and money during the filming process and have a much better chance of getting the results you want.

One of the biggest benefits of pre-production is that it helps you avoid costly mistakes. Imagine arriving on set with all your equipment only to realize you don’t have the right lighting or props. Or worse, discovering that the actors you hired don’t fit the roles you had in mind. These mistakes can set your project back and result in a less-than-ideal end product.

Another important aspect of pre-production is that it helps you stay on schedule. Without proper planning, it’s easy to lose track of time and end up rushing to finish the project. This can lead to a subpar final product or, worse yet, the project being scrapped altogether.

So, what steps can you take to prepare for your next video shoot? Start by creating a concept and a storyboard. This will help you visualize the finished product and ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page. Next, create a detailed script and schedule that includes time for rehearsals and any necessary reshoots. Then, scout your locations and make sure you have all the necessary permits and permissions in place.

Don’t forget about the talent. Make sure you’ve cast the right people for the job and that they have appropriate wardrobe and makeup. And of course, don’t forget the props! Whether it’s a small detail or a major set piece, having the right props can make all the difference in the finished product.

Now, you may be thinking, “That all sounds great, but where can I find a great pre-production team?” Look no further than REV Studio in La Jolla. With their expert team of filmmakers, producers, and creatives, REV Studio can help you plan every detail of your video shoot, from concept to completion.

Take the time to plan every detail, and you’ll save time, money, and headaches down the road. And if you need help, turn to REV Studio in La Jolla – they’ll help you bring your vision to life with a smile on their face.

Beautiful shot of La Jolla during a sunny day
La Jolla, California, is a picturesque coastal town in San Diego County. Known for its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and thriving arts and culture scene, La Jolla is the perfect place for video production. Here are a few reasons why:
  1. Stunning natural beauty: La Jolla’s natural beauty is unrivaled. With its rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters, La Jolla is the perfect place to shoot any production, from commercials and music videos to movies and documentaries. The scenery provides endless opportunities for creative shots and can be the ideal background for any film or video project.
  2. Diverse locations: La Jolla offers a wide variety of locations for filming. From the scenic beaches and parks to the chic shopping and dining areas, there’s something for every type of production. The area also has a variety of architectural styles, which can provide a unique and interesting backdrop.
  3. Professional production: La Jolla is home to a professional video studio and production company, REV Studio. With a 25′ x 15′ white cyclorama wall, green screen, and state-of-the-art technology, REV Studio helps bring your vision to life. From pre-production to post-production, its experienced team and cutting-edge equipment will elevate your project to new heights, producing stunning visuals and captivating content that will leave your audience in awe.
  4. Talented crew and talent pool: La Jolla has a thriving film and video production community, which means there’s a wealth of talented crew members and actors to choose from.
  5. Great weather: La Jolla has some of the best weather in the country. With mild temperatures, low humidity, and plenty of sunshine, it’s the perfect place to shoot a video. It is ideal for shooting all year round.
  6. Accommodations: La Jolla is home to many luxurious and beautiful hotels, including the famous La Valencia and The Lodge at Torrey Pines, as well as boutique hotels, such as Orli La Jolla. It’s easy to get into a creative spirit when you’re staying at one of these gorgeous properties.
  7. Foodie central: A well-fed crew is a happy crew. The area features several highly-rated options for quick bites or leisurely dining.
Its stunning natural beauty, diverse locations, professional production companies, talented crew and talent pool, and great weather provide endless possibilities for creative and high-quality video production. Make sure to consider La Jolla for your next video production project.
Behind the Scenes photo of Video Production Crew on Set Filming Content

Standing out from the competition can be the difference between success and failure. In 2023, one of the most effective ways to do this is through professional video content. From corporate videos to social media marketing, high-quality video content can help your business connect with customers in a way other mediums cannot. Here are just a few reasons why it is so vital to have professional video content for your business in 2023.

First Impressions Matter

In the age of social media, first impressions matter more than ever. With so many companies vying for attention online, professional video content can help your business stand out. A high-quality video can convey professionalism, expertise, and trustworthiness in a way that text or images cannot. This can be especially important for businesses just starting out, as it can help establish credibility and build a loyal customer base.

Engage Your Audience

Video content is one of the most engaging mediums available. Studies have shown that people are more likely to watch a video than to read an article or look at an image. This means that video content can help you reach a wider audience and keep them engaged for longer periods of time. Whether you are creating a corporate video or a social media ad, a professional video can help you tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience.

Boost Your SEO

In addition to engaging your audience, video content can also boost your SEO. Google’s algorithm favors websites with high-quality video content, which is seen as a sign of expertise and authority. This means that having professional video content on your website can help you rank higher in search engine results pages, leading to increased traffic and more leads.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Finally, having professional video content can help your business stay ahead of the competition. As more and more businesses embrace video content, those without it may be left behind. By investing in professional video content now, you can position your business as a leader in your industry and stay ahead of the curve.

Professional video content is more important than ever for businesses in 2023. It can help you make a great first impression, engage your audience, boost your SEO, and stay ahead of the competition. Whether creating a corporate video or a social media ad, investing in professional video content can pay off in a big way for your business.